DNA Damage Atlas

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XR-seqGenome-wide mapping of nucleotide excision repair with XR-seqNature Protocolsbulky DNA adductsDNA damage
tXR-seqHuman genome-wide repair map of DNA damage caused by the cigarette smoke carcinogen benzo[a]pyrenePNASbulky DNA adductsDNA damage
ATL-XR-seqA new technique for genome-wide mapping of nucleotide excision repair without immunopurification of damaged DNAJournal of Biological Chemistrybulky DNA adductsDNA damage
OG-seqSequencing the mouse genome for the oxidatively modified base 8-oxo-7,8-dihydroguanine by OG-SeqJournal of American Chemical Society8-oxodGDNA damage
U-DNA-seqGenome-wide alterations of uracil distribution patterns in human DNA upon chemotherapeutic treatmentseLifedUDNA damage
OxiDIP-SeqGenome-wide mapping of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine reveals accumulation of oxidatively-generated damage at DNA replication origins within transcribed long genes of mammalian cellsNucleic Acids Research8-oxodGDNA damage
CLAPS-seqGenome-wide analysis of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine at single-nucleotide resolution unveils reduced occurrence of oxidative damage at G-quadruplex sitesNucleic Acids Research8-oxodGDNA damage
Damage-seqCisplatin DNA damage and repair maps of the human genome at single-nucleotide resolutionPNASbulky DNA adducts (cisplatin crosslink)DNA damage
HS-Damage-seqDynamic maps of UV damage formation and repair for the human genomePNASbulky DNA adducts (UV crosslink)DNA damage
Ucaps-seqUdgX-Mediated Uracil Sequencing at Single-Nucleotide ResolutionJournal of American Chemical SocietydUDNA damage
BrITLGenome-wide identification of structure-forming repeats as principal sites of fork collapse upon ATR inhibitionMolecular CellDSBDNA damage
DSB-seqDNA break mapping reveals topoisomerase II activity genome-wideInternational Journal of Molecular SciencesDSBDNA damage
GLOE-SeqGenome-wide Nucleotide-Resolution Mapping of DNA Replication Patterns, Single-Strand Breaks, and Lesions by GLOE-SeqMolecular CellSSBDNA damage
SSiNGLeNovel approach reveals genomic landscapes of single-strand DNA breaks with nucleotide resolution in human cellsNature CommunicationsSSBDNA damage
SSiNGLe-APComplex genomic patterns of abasic sites in mammalian DNA revealed by a high-resolution SSiNGLe-AP methodNature CommunicationsAP siteDNA damage
TrAEL-seqGenome-wide analysis of DNA replication and DNA double-strand breaks using TrAEL-seqPlos BiologyDSBDNA damage
DENT-seqDENT-seq for genome-wide strand-specific identification of DNA single-strand break sites with single-nucleotide resolutionGenome ResearchSSBDNA damage
END-seqDNA Breaks and End Resection Measured Genome-wide by End SequencingMolecular CellDSBDNA damage
BLESSNucleotide-resolution DNA double-strand break mapping by next-generation sequencingNature MethodsDSBDNA damage
i-BLESSHigh-resolution, ultrasensitive and quantitative DNA double-strand break labeling in eukaryotic cells using i-BLESSNature ProtocolsDSBDNA damage


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