DNA Damage Atlas

What is DNA Damage Atlas?

DNA Damage Atlas (DDA) is an open access and comprehensive database that collects all publicly available datasets generated by genomic technologies probing for DNA damage and repair intermediates. DNA lesions and their aberrant repair can alter the genetic information and contribute to a myriad of pathologies including cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, infertility, and other disorders. By integrating various related NGS techniques, DDA provides several downstream analyses, such as quality control, identification of damaged sites, motif discovery, quantification, genomic distribution and results at telomere and ribosomal DNA. It also has functions including browse, search, download, genome browser and manual. Altogether, DDA is a valuable resource for a better understanding of DNA damage and repair mechanisms and helps to provide new opportunities for disease prevention and treatment.

Example: GSE116315, END-seq, mouse, ETO, etc.




  9 Aug 2023   

We released all 262 datesets collected in the first version of DDA!

  28 Jun 2023   

Released the first version of 1950 samples from 113 datasets. Full datasets will be online soon!


Wei Wu    Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, CAS

Jiao Yuan    Guangzhou laboratory


Liang, Y., Yuan, Q., Zheng, Q., Mei, Z., Song, Y., Yan, H., ...Yuan, J. & Wu, W. (2023). DNA Damage Atlas: an atlas of DNA damage and repair. Nucleic Acids Research, gkad845.

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